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http://drvadimsurikov.com/ 347-599-9118 Dr. Vadim Surikov New…

http://drvadimsurikov.com/ 347-599-9118 Dr. Vadim Surikov New York reviews
5 Star Review

I am down 20lbs in three months! This is a great weight loss program! I started losing weight right away and I have been following the program now for three months. When I first came in I was having a hard time avoiding certain types of foods, especially when I was stressed. In a very short period of time I did not even want those foods anymore. The program changed the types of foods that I want to eat as well as the amount of food that I eat. Before starting this program it was hard to keep the weight off. Thanks to the doctor and his staff, I have lost the weight and I am keeping it off.

Dr. Vadim Surikov
211 East 43rd Street, Suite 1704
New York NY

Lynette Weight Loss Program Patient Review

Lynette Weight Loss Program Patient Review was first seen on Weight Loss Clinic Blog}

Dr. Vadim Surikov is one of the most trusted weight loss doctors in New York City. In this video, Lynette talks about her experience with the medical weight loss program, why she wanted to lose thirty pounds and how easy it has been to keep the weight off for several years.

Q: How did you find Dr. Surikov and his weight loss program?

My sister was the one who found Dr. Cherkassky, and we started the weight loss plan together. We both just wanted to lose some weight. We both were a little overweight and getting older it is harder to lose weight so, we decided to come and try the weight loss program, and I have stuck with it.

Q: What made you decide that you needed to help losing weight?

Honestly, when I came in, I don’t remember exactly how much I weighed. Probably thirty pounds more than I wanted to weigh. The main reason was that I had all these clothes in my closet that I wanted to fit into and I just did not feel healthy. I did not feel like I could just go out and walk a mile if I wanted to. More than anything, I was just uncomfortable.

Turning 50 I started to get the “middle age spread,” which I was not enjoying, especially with my clothes not fitting well. So starting the program was just about getting comfortable in my clothes and my body.

Q: What was your first weight loss appointment like when you came in?

It has always been a really good experience. Everyone here is very, very nice. They will take as much time with you as you want. You can be in and out quick if you are in a hurry, or you can spend time and talk to the doctor for 30 minutes. During each appointment, they always want to make sure that I am comfortable and that I know what I am supposed to do. If there are any concerns, they always listen and help me figure out what to do. The doctor spends as much time as I want and he will talk about anything I want.

The doctor has always given me different ways that I can do things to help me with my hunger. He always ends each appointment by reminding me that I can come back any time, before my scheduled appointment, if I have any concerns, if something is bothering me or if it is not working.

To be honest, I always look forward to coming and seeing how I am doing. I do not have scales at home. I always come in wondering if I have done okay and if I have lost any weight, and I am always pleasantly surprised because I am not hungry. I am on the program, and I am doing well.

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If I want to go out and eat with my husband, I go out and eat with my husband, but I still look good. I am not putting on those extra pounds every time I eat a hamburger.

Once I reached where I wanted to be, at a comfortable weight, I started coming in every other month. I have stayed on the program. I got out to eat occasionally. I do not eat out daily. I stay on the program when I need to, and if I go off it, I go off it.

I have maintained my weight, and I am extremely happy with that. I could do this for the rest of my life and be happy about it. I am not gaining weight, and I am not hungry. I can’t ask for more than that.

I have been coming about three years, and I lost what I initially wanted to lose in the first three months (30 pounds). My weight has fluctuated some, but I have stayed right at the weight where I wanted to stay now, so I am good.

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To learn more about this New York City medical weight loss program, and how easy it is to get started call Dr. Surikov today at 347-599-9118. When you call, be sure to ask about the $50 discount for new patients. Call Dr. Vadim Surikov today at 347-599-9118.

http://drvadimsurikov.com/ 347-599-9118 Dr. Vadim Surikov New…

http://drvadimsurikov.com/ 347-599-9118 Dr. Vadim Surikov New York reviews
Excellent Review

When I first came to see the doctor I weighted 279 pounds. Following this weight loss program helped me drop to my current weight of 199 pounds. It has been four years and I have been able to keep the weight off. I needed to change my life and I am grateful to the doctor and his staff for all of their help. The program is intense and demanding but it has to be. Stick with his program and you will get the results.

Dr. Vadim Surikov
211 East 43rd Street, Suite 1704
New York NY

Liked on YouTube: NYC Weight Loss Call 347-599-9118 | Weight Loss Patient Andrew’s Story

NYC Weight Loss Call 347-599-9118 | Weight Loss Patient Andrew’s Story
http://drvadimsurikov.com/ Dallas weight loss doctor Michael Cherkassky has helped thousands of patients reach their weight loss goals. In this interview Andrew talks about starting the weight loss program and how his life has changed since losing 80 pounds.

Patient: Andrew
Starting Weight: 279lbs
Final Weight: 199lbs
Total Weight Lost: 80lbs

Q: Tell us your first name and how long you have been coming to the practice.

Ny name name is Andrew. I am from Fort Worth and I have been coming to see Dr. Cherkassky for four years.

Q: What was your first appointment like?

During my first appointment here everyone was very encouraging. I could see on the wall the results. These are like the superstars of Dr. Cherkassky’s office. I could see how his office helps people achieve their goals and their dreams. It was very encouraging.

Q: What was happening in your life that made you decide that you needed help losing weight?

My son was born and I decided that I needed to change my life, for him, my wife and for myself. I though it was important to live a lifestyle that was healthy so I could provide for my family.

Q: What else did you try before you started this program?

Working out, avoiding breads and avoiding carbs, none of that worked, obviously. When I cam in to see the doctor I was 279 pounds. I realized that none of these things worked and I needed to change.

Q: What was the first month like on this program?

This was a sharp contrast in the lifestyle that I had once the program started, compared with what was happening before. The program is intense and demanding but it has to be. That is how you get the results.

The transition from the lifestyle that I was living before to when I started the program, it was like nothing I have ever done. It was life changing.

Q: How has your desire to eat specific foods changed since you started this weight loss program?

I may like a food, but now I don’t have to avoid it completely. I just have to not eat as much of it. There are some foods that I enjoyed before that I still enjoy now, but just not as much, the quantity that is.

Q: How has your appetite changed?

My appetite is obviously reduced. I am not gorging myself all the time like I was. Before I was never hungry because I always satisfied myself. When I started this program, that is when the hunger came but it was relieved with the program.

I would start to feel some of the hunger and I take some of the Sensotherapy products and it would help me get through that hunger pain.

How much were you thinking about food before you started the program?What role did hunger play in your life?

I was constantly thinking about food. I would satisfy myself with every meal. Within a few hours I was thinking about my next meal and how I would satisfy myself like I did before. It is not like I was hungry, it was all psychological. I would often think that I had to make sure I could get a buffet or something where I was able to eat as much as possible.

That has changed. The program and what they taught me in the program gave me options that are not necessarily going to get me into trouble. They gave me lists of foods that are lower in calories that would get me through the psychological battles that I have within myself. I think it is very helpful.

Of course the coaching is also important. Whenever I have my appointments the staff is always asking me how I am doing.

When do you struggle?
What do you struggle with?

When I am thinking about food, the Sensotherapy products help get me though these periods. With this type of support I feel like I can do it and fight off those psychological urges.

Q: The program includes one meal a week that does not limit the type or amount of food that you can eat. How important has this been to your success with this program?

So when I go though my whole week, the program allows one meal during that week when I can go crazy, like my old self. It was very important because it was like I was working up to that point.

Schedule Your Dallas Weight Loss Consultation Today

For more information about the Dallas Weight Loss program call the weight loss clinic. When you call be sure to ask about the $50 discount for new patients. Call 469-434-3380.

Weight Loss Clinic: Dr. Vadim Surikov
211 East 43rd Street Suite 1704
New York NY 10017
+1 347-599-9118

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